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Sae Kitchen



For almost a decade Sae Kitchen has been the place to start and grow your culinary business.
We provide industrial equipment, production workspace, commissary storage
and the industry tailored support
you need to get started.

Whether you sell products at national chains, local markets or online retailers.
Cater elegant weddings or intimate dinners. Teach or create.
If you’re looking to expand your existing business
or start one from scratch,
we're glad you found us.

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Fit Sae Kitchen around your busy schedule. Whether it's an hour a week at midnight,
or eight hour days. Our locations
are available 24 hours.


Your time to shine.
Sae Kitchen's goal is to get you creating
as quickly and easily as possible.
Ready to do what you love?


Get your product into the lives of everyone!
Our team is ready to help champion your product to the masses; farmers markets, national store fronts, and online retailers are just the beginning.

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Every Chef's EnvyA well stocked Kitchen

Sae Kitchen has two locations, Vista and San Marcos.
Each location is separated into individual Kitchens, tailored to different types of businesses.
We've tried to cover all the needs of the vastly different industries that use Sae Kitchen.
Please note the specs below to determine which is best suited for your needs.
Then schedule an appointment to come by and see for yourself.

  • Prep



  • 60 Quart Mixer

    The Workshop

    Dedicated Cold Storage

All stations at Sae Kitchen include a large prep sink, rolling tray rack, single door reach-in refridgerator, assorted baking trays, hand sink,
towels, trash bags, cleaning supplies and WiFi.

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